Special Correspondent

MYSORE: The Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited here, specialising in the manufacture of indelible ink, shipped 29,856 bottles or vials to Cambodia where a general election is due next month.

The company has yet again made a mark for itself and established its reputation as a leading manufacturer of indelible ink among other chemical and paint-based products. Each vial or bottle of ink containing about 5 ml of the indelible ink can be applied on nearly 300 voters.

The crates containing the indelible ink was dispatched on Thursday and the company has earned Rs.1.28 crore as revenue, according to a press release by its Managing Director C. Harakumar.

The company is reckoned to be the only one of its kind in the country to manufacture indelible ink. It is used during general elections to make a mark on the fingers of the voters. The indelible ink is based on a special chemical combination formulated by the National Physical Laboratory. The factory was established in 1937 by Nalwudi Krishnaraja Wadiyar and became a public sector undertaking after Independence and specialises in the manufacture of polish and thinners apart from primers.

The indelible ink has also been supplied to Afghanistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and Ghana.