Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Petrol will cost Rs. 50.68 and diesel Rs. 35.27 in Bangalore following the reduction in fuel prices announced by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gases.

While petrol has become cheaper by Rs. 2.24, diesel costs less Rs. 1.12 following the reduction. The pre-revision prices of petrol and diesel in Bangalore were Rs. 52.92 and Rs. 36.39 respectively. The price of petrol will be Rs. 50.36 in areas adjoining Bangalore city.

Officials of Indian Oil Corporation told The Hindu that the reduction in prices would be on the same line (Rs. 2.24 for petrol and Rs. 1.12 for diesel) in the entire State, except for minor variations.

Prices of petrol and diesel were reduced on November 30, 2006 by Rs. 2.23 and Rs. 1.12 respectively. The fuel prices were last increased on June 5, 2006 by Rs. 4.49 and Rs. 2.25 from Rs. 50.66 and Rs. 35.26 respectively.