Special Correspondent

  • Poor turnout in kalyana mantaps
  • Many stay indoors in the absence of public transport

    MYSORE: Monday's bandh turned out to be a nightmare for scores of couples who entered into wedlock and their parents who painstakingly organised the ceremonies.

    Attendance was thin and there was hardly a crowd for the feasts prepared at great cost.

    Most of the wedding halls in the city were booked months in advance as the season is considered auspicious. Some of the well-known kalyana mantapas were richly decorated but wore a deserted look, but for the presence of few relatives and friends who could make it for the function. In the absence of public transport and the fear of incurring the wrath of activists protesting on the streets, many people chose to stay indoors.

    In some cases, close friends and family arrived the previous day and stayed over in the halls to attend the function. Since there was no question of postponing the Big Day for which preparations had been made months in advance, the marriage ceremonies went ahead as scheduled.

    In some of the wedding halls, the cooks were instructed to reduce the quantity of food in view of the possible low turnout to avoid wastage.