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`It is not against national interest'

  • `Performance of OBC students on a par with general category students'
  • Advocate Aditya Sondhi comes out against reservation

    BANGALORE: The former Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University G. Thimmaiah on Friday said that reservation of seats for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in education was not an issue in South India, as this part had already achieved social balance by providing adequate reservation to all classes.

    Participating in a debate on "Reservation of seats for OBCs in institutions of higher education is not in the national interest," Dr. Thimmaiah spoke against the motion.

    Quoting statistics on the performance of students in various disciplines, he said the performance of students belonging to OBCs was on a par with general category students.

    The economies of southern States were booming because of implementation of social justice since over a century, Dr. Thimmaiah noted. The other reason for the successful implementation of social justice was the minimum resistance by students belonging to general category, whose numbers were less, he noted.

    On the other hand, there was much resistance to reservation for OBCs in northern States as there were more students belonging to upper castes, the former Vice-Chancellor added.

    Viewed by any angle, reservation for OBCs in institutions of higher education was not against the national interest, Dr. Thimmaiah argued. He said instead reservation would complement the national interest.

    Stress on merit

    Presenting his views in favour of the motion, Aditya Sondhi, advocate, argued reservation for OBCs was against the national interest as it gave a go-by to merit.

    He pointed out that merit alone should be the criterion in admissions to educational institutions.

    The debate was organised by EducationWorld.