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Music, dance and literary competitions begin on February 8

  • The event will open with a sports fest on February 7
  • It will conclude with a run to raise funds for a cause

    BANGALORE: The city's Mount Carmel College is all set to host its annual inter-collegiate cultural fest "Cul-Ah! 2007: All Aboard."

    Opening with a sports fest on February 7, the event will feature dance, music, and a range of other literary, dramatics and quiz competitions. Look out for these on February 8, February 9 and February 10.

    The event will close on February 11 with a run for a cause "Rise Above the Streets," through which the college proposes to raise funds for BOSCO, a Bangalore-based organisation working for the education and rehabilitation of streetchildren.


    About 7,000 students from 80 local colleges are expected to participate in the cultural fest. Freelance journalist Shakuntala Narasimhan will inaugurate the event on February 8.