Raghava M.

  • The order is passed after parents give an assurance of their wards' good conduct
  • Inability of officers to give a definite date for the order saddens Rathnamma

    BANGALORE: Ratnamma (name changed) has lost count of her visits to the Observation (Juvenile) Home in Madivala here in the past few weeks after her son Ramesh (name changed) was lodged there. She is waiting for an order from the Juvenile Justice Board to secure Ramesh's release.

    She is from a village near Doddaballapur.

    Ratnamma can take him home only after the Board passes what is called a probation order. The Board passes the order after parents assure it of their wards' good conduct and well-being.

    On Monday she came along with her relative to the Observation Home to check the status of the application filed by her.

    "The officer (who is also the Superintendent of the home) is busy with the escape of some of the juveniles on Sunday. She cannot meet you today," she was told.

    When she asked about the status of her application, an official said, "You are one among the 75 applicants who have sought a probation order. The probationary officer has to submit a report to the Board after checking the living conditions of the juveniles' parents. Ask your advocate to check the status."


    Dejected, Ratnamma told The Hindu , "I have been desperately waiting for the order. The longer the probationary officer takes to visit my place and clear his release, the more it will affect my son's studies (he is a 9th standard student).

    The authorities are unable to give me a definite date for their visit or about the pronouncement of the order."

    Legal help

    Adding to Ratnamma's misery is total ignorance about the lawyer handling her son's case.

    "My brother took the services of an advocate. I tried in vain to search for the advocate in the magistrate court and city civil court complex. He is nowhere to be found," she said.