Roads leading to tourist spots will be repaired

  • Rs. 16 crore will be spent on Kadur-Mangalore State highway
  • Supervisory body will be appointed to ensure quality of work

    CHIKMAGALUR: C.T. Ravi, MLA, said here on Thursday that the Government has sanctioned Rs. 27 crore for road repairs in Chikmagalur district.

    Speaking to presspersons, Mr. Ravi said legislators from the district held a meeting with Public Works Minister H.D. Revanna in the home office of Higher Education Minister D.H. Shankaramurthy who is also the Minister in charge of Chikmagalur district in Bangalore on Wednesday.

    He said graphic details of the deplorable condition of roads in the district were presented to the Minister. Senior officials of the public works department and managing director of the Karnataka Road Development Corporation were present at the meeting, he added.

    He said that Rs. 16 crore out of the Rs. 27 crore would be spent for the Kadur-Mangalore State highway. In addition, Rs. 5 crore will be spent for the Vastare-Balehonnur Road and Rs. 6 crore for roads leading to tourist spots such as Muthodi, Kemmannagundi and Khandya.