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Another member to challenge his suspension notice

in court

Udupi/Bangalore: A social worker, who was also a member of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in Udupi under the Department of Women and Child Welfare, has expressed anguish on the termination of her services from the committee, while another member, who has been suspended, has decided to challenge his suspension order in the court. CWC member Rajesh, advocate, said that there were “invisible hands” behind his suspension order, pending enquiry. “I will challenge the order in the court,” he said.

Social Worker Pramila Vaaz told The Hindu on Saturday that she received a termination order from the Department of Women and Child Welfare on September 4. She had been doing social work for 21 years, ever since she completed her postgraduation in Social Work from Roshani Nilaya in Mangalore. She had been fighting for children’s rights for the past 17 years, she said and added that her services had been terminated “without proper inquiry”. “I feel my termination order is biased. As I do not have the financial resources to fight the order, I will not challenge it,” Ms. Vaaz said.

Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has expressed concern over the impact of these developments on children, who were waiting for adoption in the district.