Staff Reporter

Bangalore: Over 80,000 autorickshaws in the city will be off the roads on Monday in protest against what the drivers said “oppressive” measures being adopted by the Government by “imposing” the new colour scheme and insisting on digital fare meters.

Autorickshaw owners and drivers affiliated to various unions will participate in the protest. The participating unions include Autorickshaw Drivers Union (ARDU, affiliated to CITU), Adarsha Auto and Taxi Drivers Union (HMS) and Bangalore Autorickshaw Union.

The Transport Department, after enforcing LPG as an alternative fuel for autorickshaws in Bangalore, has proposed to paint the three-wheelers in green to send out an environment-friendly message. The owners and drivers, however, have opposed the move saying it does not serve any purpose even as the measure imposes heavy financial burden on them. The proposal to install digital fare meters is also a flawed one, they have alleged.

Additional buses

Meanwhile, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) will operate additional services on Monday.

BMTC Managing Director Syed Zamir Pasha told The Hindu that the corporation will suspend maintenance of buses for a day so that more buses will be available for deployment.