Staff Correspondent

Madikeri: Surgery to sterilise domesticated dogs was conducted at a pilot camp organised at the Government veterinary clinic here on Monday. It was an initiative of the “Animal Relief Coorg”, a newly started organisation for the welfare of animals in Kodagu.

This is part of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme, Madhava Rao, veterinarian from the CUPA, Bangalore, who performed surgery on several pets since Sunday, said.

The sterilisation of the stray dogs would be taken up with the help of the Madikeri City Municipal Council (CMC) next, Dr. Rao said. The “pinhole surgery” was performed with ease after tranquilising the pets. Neutering (castration) was also done for male dogs. But, more than 90 per cent of the sterilised dogs were females.

Chidananda, veterinarian here said that there were an estimated 20 million stray dogs in the country. Killing of the stray dogs could not be taken up in view of the court rulings and relocation would not be of much help since dogs would not adjust to the new environment and tend to migrate.

Sterilisation was the only way out to effect birth control, Dr. Chidananda said. A team of veterinary doctors from Kodagu was present observing the newer technique in the surgery (pinhole surgery).