Special Correspondent

Shankar Bidari has given an assurance in this regard

Bangalore: City Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari has assured managements of major hotels and resorts here that their security personnel would be issued firearm licences and given training at police firing ranges on handling weapons.

Speaking at a press conference arranged by the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI), on Saturday, Mr. Bidari remarked: “The city police does not lack modern weapons, but these are not used for day-to-day work.”

On December 11, he has called a meeting with hotel managements where draft guidelines for enhancing security is to be discussed, along with a security protocol that could be implemented without inconveniencing guests. Honorary secretary of the federation Vivek Nair said the industry, already hit by the economic slowdown, now faced a drop in occupancy because of the security perception among tourists. In the last few weeks, occupancy rates had come to 15-20 per cent, compared to 60-70 per cent at this time. With the January to April season crucial to the industry, a cut in tariff ranging from 10 to 20 per cent was agreed to by most hotel managements.