Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: The former MLA and Congress leader M.K. Somashekar has threatened to launch a protest against the Government for the “delay” in distribution of ration cards and “irregularities” in the public distribution system.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, Mr. Somashekar charged that the BJP, which came to power by promising to come to the aid of the poor, had made their lives miserable by doing precious little to improve the public distribution system PDS.

A large number of below the poverty line (BPL) families had been denied their due share of rice and kerosene. The authorities were refusing to acknowledge the BPL ration cards they posses and were rejecting their request for rice and kerosene, he said.

The previous Government had reduced the quota of PDS rice to BPL families. The BJP Government had reduced the quota of kerosene from 8 litres a month to 6 litres, he said. The authorities who had promised to issue new ration cards to both BPL and Above the Poverty Line families had not distributed them for the last nearly six months.

“A protest will be launched if the Government fails distribute the ration cards in the next 15 days and increase the monthly quota of kerosene to 8 litres,” he said.