Special Correspondent

MYSORE: It is an occasion to spread joy and make a difference to the children of lesser gods.

For, Divya Deepa, a non-governmental organisation working to provide value-based quality education to rural and underprivileged children, will celebrate Rajyotsava and Deepavali on November 1 and 2 respectively.

The organisation, inspired by the belief that development of the nation can be achieved by working at the grassroots, has provided an opportunity for those with a social conscience to share a little and spread joy and well-being among their fellow citizens a majority of whom face deprivation.

So, the programmes on November 1 and 2 is open to all in which many volunteers from various organisations will be make their contributions.

For those at Divya Deepa, the two-day event will be one of fun and frolic with a drawing and painting competition to be held exclusively for them. While the programme on November 1 starts at 8 a.m., the Deepavali celebrations will be a whole-day affair.

A volunteer of the organisation said, “We have decided to have a one-day patron meet and will prepare food, have fun sessions with children, have awareness camp for children apart from some special Deepavali celebrations in the night, with diyas.”

The venue for the celebrations is Kaliyuva Mane, Kenchalagudu village, Rayankere Post, Manandavadi Road, Mysore.