Vishwa Kundapura

Demand compensation on par with market value or alternative land

About 680 acres of land is being acquired for industrial area

Official says no change can be effected in acquisition plans now

KOLAR: Farmers in Kolar and Malur taluks in the district, who are set to lose their lands for industrial area to be developed by Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB), are firm on not giving up their lands. While terming the compensation offered by the Government as meagre, they are insisting on compensation amount on par with the prevailing market price.

While one of the meetings convened by Deputy Commissioner H.R. Srinivas to discuss the issue remained inconclusive owing to resistance by land owners, another meeting was not held, apparently due to absence of the former.

If the Government cannot pay adequate compensation according to market value, it should provide alternative lands was another major demand of the prospective land losers.

A notification had been issued in connection with acquisition of about 685 acres of land in five villages in the two taluks. They are Appasandra, Yandrikayapur, Achchatnahalli, Karudubande villages under Narsapur hobli in Kolar taluk and Karinaikanahalli in Malur taluk.

Earlier, it was decided to acquire 1,068 acres land for the purpose, but pressure from “big wigs” forced the authorities to revise the plan and limit it to 685 acres, it was learnt.

This was done to protect the lands of a Minister representing the district, the farmers allege, indirectly pointing towards Housing and Muzrai Minister S.N. Krishnaiah Shetty.

“Whatever may be the partisan attitude of the Government; we are not ready to part away with our valuable cultivable and fertile land, the hard earnings of our ancestors,” said Papanna (name changed on request), a resident of Appasandra village.

“Since the NH 4 is being converted into four-lane road, the land value has increased enormously. While market price per acre land is about Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 60 lakh, the compensation amount offered by government is very meagre”, it was argued.


Referring to Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 60 lakh compensation amount per acre of land announced for the land acquired for Hardware Technology Park near Bengaluru International Airport, the farmers in Kolar district ask: “In what way our land and location is inferior?”

While hundreds of acres of forest land and dry land is available in the district, why is the Government insisting on fertile agricultural land, was another question being asked.

’No change feasible’

According to Deputy Commissioner H.R. Srinivas, no change could be effected now regarding acquisition of land as a notification had already been done by KIADB.

”10 guntas of developed land would be given as compensation in lieu of an acre of land acquired. Or cash amount would be given as decided by the Government”, he said.