Staff Reporter

Bangalore: On Saturday night, the frame was set for a photography contest with a theme that encompassed the viewer and the viewed — the expatriate and India.

And behind the lens were people of different nationalities settled down in the city. And the subject was the country they have chosen to live in. Organised by Global Adjustments, a 14-year-old relocation and cross-cultural services company, the photography contest claims to be the only one of its kind.

The competition categories were “into India,” places, faces, culture and festivals, , best humour, best caption, the overall best picture and the Global Adjustments favourite. The prize for the overall best picture was bagged by Carol Haynes, who also won the first place in the “faces” category. The photograph submitted by Ms. Haynes, who is from the U.S. and has been residing in Bangalore for over a year, was titled “Shared Pose.”

From cricket matches to quaint restaurants, veiled women to Bollywood posters, the contestants captured the moments they found most interesting in their experiences here.