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Catholics, Protestants not involved in conversion, say community leaders

MYSORE: Seeking to distance themselves from the alleged conversion activities in different parts of the State, Christian community leaders in Mysore have appealed to the State Government to investigate activities of groups such as “New Life” and “Bible Readers”.

Convener of the Mysore Diocese and president of the Konkani Christian Association of Mysore Gracian Rodrigues told The Hindu on Sunday that Catholics, who comprised almost 90 per cent of the Christian population in the country, and the Protestants, were not involved in any conversion activity in the State.

However, he alleged that activists of New Life, Bible Readers and other such groups, which were set up about seven to eight years ago by people from the U.S. and the U.K., were trying to convert not only Hindus and Muslims but also Catholics.

“Activists of these groups follow a different Bible. They are bringing out pamphlets asking people to follow Jesus and not any other God. The activists are neither Catholics nor Protestants. They are indulging in conversion through allurement, which violates the preaching of the Bible they follow,” Mr. Rodrigues said. Mr. Rodrigues urged the Government to investigate activities of such groups, besides finding out their source of funding.

Reiterating that the Bible did not allow forceful or induced conversion, Mr. Rodrigues urged activists of Hindutva groups to bring people engaged in such activities before the Bishop instead of vandalising prayer halls and attacking Christians. He urged the police to ensure that churches in Mysore were provided security.