Special Correspondent

Bangalore: Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council V.S. Ugrappa has said that the Government owes an explanation to the people on some of its decisions such as the substantial increase in bus fares and the large-scale transfer of government employees.

Mr. Ugrappa told presspersons here on Tuesday that the Government had increased bus fairs by between 15 and 21 per cent though it had stated that it would be between seven and 12 per cent.

The Government had attempted to justify its decision stating that the increase had become inevitable to make up for an overall loss of Rs. 130 crore due to the hike in diesel price.

However, the Government had stated that the Department of Transport had not incurred any loss. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation had made an overall profit of Rs. 146 crore and Rs. 140 crore respectively. But the North-west Karnataka Road Transport Corporation and the North-east Karnataka Road Transport Corporation had suffered a loss of Rs. 67 crore and Rs. 16 crore respectively.

The Government could have reduced the 25 per cent sales tax on diesel to 23 per cent. This would have helped the transport corporations save Rs. 300 crore to Rs. 400 crore, he said.