Sharath S. Srivatsa

Government agencies have encroached on 7,881 acres of land in Bangalore Urban district

Encroachments in 9,033 acres of land

have been cleared

Over 1,150 acres of land auctioned

BANGALORE: Nearly 8,000 acres of government land in Bangalore Urban district, which have been categorised as encroached by government agencies implementing public works, are likely to be regularised.

“As much as 7,881 acres of land in Bangalore Urban district have been technically encroached by government agencies, and a proposal has been sent to regularise such encroachments,” sources in the district administration told The Hindu.

The administration had sent a letter to the Government proposing regularising land use in the case of roads and burial grounds, in the first phase, they said.

An official said that encroachments for laying roads were substantial in the district. Government land had been encroached for constructing roads, school buildings, anganwadis and veterinary centres, and for burial grounds. In some cases, village panchayats had utilised land for public purposes without the knowledge of the administration or the department, the official said.

The official said: “Though the land has been used for public purposes, the implementing agencies should have informed the district administration or the Revenue Department.”

The 7,881 acres categorised as encroached are included in the nearly 30,000 acres of government land identified as encroached by the A.T. Ramaswamy Joint Legislature Committee on Land Encroachments in and around Bangalore.

Sources said that the committee members felt that encroachments were common — whether by a private individual or a government agency. A decision on whether to order eviction or impose penalty on private schools that had encroached on government land was yet to be taken, they said.

Encroachments in 9,033 acres of land have been cleared in Bangalore Urban district. As many as , 5,285 acres of “gomala” land have been cleared of encroachments, and 893 acres of lake and 747 acres of government “kharab” land have been recovered from encroachers.

Land falling in categories such as tank bund, “gundu thopu,” “gram thana,” burial grounds, “thopu,” and “beelu” have also been recovered.

Sources said that of the recovered land, 3,600 acres had been allotted to government agencies while over 1,150 acres of land had been auctioned.

“Of the land auctioned by the Prevention of Unauthorised Construction Cell in Bangalore Urban district, bids for 477 acres have been confirmed by the Government while those for over 700 acres have been rejected,” sources said.