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A Tanzanian troupe impresses audience at a music conference

‘Our songs are about happiness, celebration’

A variety of African instruments were used

Bangalore: There is plenty of music, dance and fun rolled into very name of this troupe from Tanzania: Wahapahapa. This band from Africa enthralled Bangaloreans last week as part of International Music Conference being held by Indiranagar Sangeeth Sabha.

After the performance at Purandara Bhavan in Indiranagar on Friday, the troupe performed at Opus on Sunday. The performances created a huge interest in Tanzanian music and had the audience tapping their feet. The name of the troupe, incidentally, means “originating from here” in Swahili.

The band consists of seven Tanzanian musicians but only three came to Bangalore. Paul Ndunguru is lead singer of the band while Fujo Makaranga plays Ngoma or traditional drums.

Teddy Mbarak is the founder of the troupe and bass guitarist. Teddy is a music teacher back home and has a music academy of his own.

Wahapahapa was formed in February this year by bringing together experienced musicians who play fusion music with elements of traditional and western music. Teddy says: “Our songs represent happiness and celebration.

“We alter our music to fit any occasion and mood although generally we are heavy and fast.”

They use a variety of African Instruments such as djembe (Tanzanian drums), kilimba (thumb piano), marimba (African saxophone), filimbi (bamboo flute) and litunga (an traditional eight-string guitar) to produce different rhythms and beats.

Teddy says: “These instruments have a great history behind them. The music produced from them is representative of African people and culture.”

The band has performed in various countries and collaborated with musicians from U.K, Europe, Canada, Zambia and Japan.