Staff Reporter

They were illegally transporting spirit

Fake permits, government

seals seized

BANGALORE: The Cubbon Park police and the City’s Anti-Terrorist Squad arrested three persons for allegedly transporting spirit illegally to different parts of the State and to parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The accused were caught near Bangalore Club on Lavelle Road.

The accused were transporting spirit that was illegally procured from sugar factories in Gulbarga and Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

The spirit was found in 35-litre containers that were packed using cardboards and boxes.

The accused moved these boxes in lorries with fake vehicle registration numbers.

They were also using fake permits, documents, bills and government seals.

The spirit was being sold at Rs. 50 per litre here, Rs. 55 per litre in Tamil Nadu and Rs. 110 a litre in Kerala.

The police gave the names of the accused as M. Raghu (32), Jagadish (24) and Aseemullah (29), all from Chamarajanagar district.

The accused were employees of Mahadeshwara Transport Company in Chamarajapet, which was allegedly transporting the spirit illegally.

“We are looking for M. Ramesh, owner, and Hospet Nagaraj, partner of the transport company,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) B.N.S. Reddy.

The police have recovered 59 fake government seals, 53 fake vehicle registration and permit documents and 14 forged documents related to the lorry office and companies.

The accused have been remanded to police custody till July 17.