Staff Reporter

Bangalore: The Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha is organising an international music conference in association with the Centre for Intercultural Musicology located at Churchill College, Cambridge, U.K., headed by Akin Euba of U.S.

The theme of the conference would cover African music traditions, Asian music traditions, especially of India, and the musical interaction between Africa and Asia.

The conference would be held between July 11 and July 16 and would have various sessions, consisting of invited speakers, presentation of selected papers and lecture demonstrations.

There would be thematic sessions in the forenoon, poster sessions in the afternoon and concerts and performances in the evening. The speakers include R. Satyanrayana from India, Paschal Yao Young from Ghana and Tin Hoffman from Japan among many others.

The evening concerts would feature M.S. Sheela, T.M. Krishna, Jayanthi Kumaresh, Gaurav Majumdar, Vidyadhar Vyas and Lorna C. Young Wright.

A thematic presentation: “Flame in the forest” (in English) by Gowri Ramnarayan; an instrument ensemble by the faculty of the school of the Sabha, Dances of India, African Drums and a “Ghata Tarang” by Sukanya Ramagopal have been planned.

The objectives of this centre include the study and promotion of cross-cultural activity in music, including composition, performance and scholarly work.