Raghava M.

People can also track the department response online

BANGALORE: Do you worry that your complaint may not beg received at the police station? Or that you may not get any response after posting the same to the Superintendent of Police or the Police Commissioner?

The Police Department has now employed technology: you just have to log into www.karnatakastatepolice.org and key in your compliant. You will not only reach your grievance to the Superintendent of Police or the Police Commissioner concerned but also track the response using the number generated automatically by the system.

This is one of the several innovative measures that Director-General and Inspector-General of Police R. Sri Kumar wants to bring in order to make the police accessible to people. “Online filing of complaints will be one of the several features you will find in the State police website which is being updated,” said this “tech savvy” police officer.

Common complaints

Non-registration of complaints by the police has been one of the common complaints.

The other accusations include harassment and bribe. “Such issues will not arise if there is prompt action at the ground level,” Mr. Kumar said.

Online filing of complaints is seen on the Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation’s (KSPHC) website www.ksphc.net. Mr. Kumar, who is Chairman and Managing Director of KSPHC, has been using this feature to involve people and organisations in discussing problems and solutions for the improvement of civic services. This is one of the 10 websites of KSPHC.


The other feature on the KSPHC’s website is “Write in Confidence,” which invites comments, suggestions, opinions and complaints. It can be in praise of the organisation or throwing brickbats. The comments so made will go to the KSPHC’s Chairman and Managing Director.

Mr. Kumar said a similar feature will find place in the police department website. “People can use this to provide me with any information, including that about harassment, corruption and complaints.”

Added features

Mr. Kumar said the updated State police website will have many of the features that are seen in the 10 websites of KSPHC. Apart from the original website www.ksphc.org, the KSHPC has gone for creating nine websites with each website dealing with separate issues. The website www.ksphc.in is dealing with the new vision of KSPHC, while www.ksphc.info provides information about the projects. Separate websites have been created for e-governance initiatives, sharing good practices, catering to business needs, seeing real time images of construction sites and auctions and for better community relations. “You will find similar features in the police website,” Mr. Kumar said.