Staff Reporter

Bangalore: Abhivridh had no more than five members when it was started two years ago. They were a bunch of like-minded youngsters who wanted to use the medium of theatre to make a difference to society.

Today, they are a 20-member team hosting events and staging plays on a range of issues from environment to child labour.

This week Abhivridh enacted a street play on the issue of child labour. The play talks about a village boy who dreams of making it to the Indian cricket team, but is forced to go to work instead because of difficult circumstances.

Despite intermittent rain, the members of Abhivridh performed in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue. They had to wind up the play in a hurry when the cardboard placards they held with messages against child labour started getting soggy.

Not that this dimmed the enthusiasm of the actors. “We will perform again very soon at another venue,” said Vinay V. Naik, secretary of Abhivridh.

People’s ignorance

It was the ignorance of people on crucial social issues such as child labour that inspired Abhivridh to start a campaign through the medium of theatre, say members of the team.