Staff Correspondent

State Government urged to reduce tax on petroleum products

BELLARY: G.N. Nagaraj, member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M) State secretariat has urged the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government to check the price rise of essential commodities and intensify the implementation of the welfare programmes instead of hurrying through the nuclear deal.

Speaking to presspersons here on Monday, Mr. Nagaraj disagreed with the Congress that the nuclear deal was essential to solve the power crisis facing the country. According to him, the country could make use of the indigenous uranium deposit for power generation.

On the issue of price rise, Mr. Nagaraj was of the view that it was result of globalisation policies being followed by the Government. He suggested that introducing effective public distribution system was an effective measure for controlling the price rise. Referring to the crisis in the agricultural sector, Mr. Nagaraj wanted the State Government to bring down the tax component on petrol and petroleum products. He said that the tax of 28 percent on petrol was highest in the State and had to be reduced at least by 50 per cent.

Criticising the police firing and lathi-charge on the farmers, he said that it only went to show that the BJP Government in the State had been unable to handle the crisis effectively.

“Privatisation has led to the agricultural crisis. Now the government can only be a mute witness to the plight and sufferings of the people. At least now the BJP Government in the State should initiate steps to reject globalisation policies and strive hard for the welfare of the people”, he said.