T.V. Sivanandan

Yadgir town will serve as district headquarters

There will not be any formal inauguration ceremony to mark the occasion for now

YADGIR: The four-decade-old demand for a Yadgir district will become reality on Wednesday.

One of the happiest people will be Union Minister M. Mallikarjun Kharge, who was very keen on the plan materialising.

A nine-time MLA from Gurmitkal, which will be a part of Yadgir district now, Mr. Kharge had used his position as Minister to slowly relocate various government offices to the new district area.

The formation of Yadgir district, which will comprise Shahapur, Surpur and Yadgir taluks, has had a long history of controversy over the location of the district headquarters.

This was the one issue which forced the then Chief Minister J.H. Patel to hold in abeyance the decision to bifurcate Gulbarga district, the second biggest in the State after Bijapur, when other districts such as Mysore, Dharwad, Bijapur, and Chitradurga were being bifurcated in the 1990s.

Although the two district reorganisation committees headed by Gaddigowder and Hundekar had favoured Yadgir as the headquarters of the new district, the Vasudevarao Committee had recommended that Surpur be considered. What clicked in favour of Yadgir was its railway connectivity, which Surpur and Shahapur did not have.

Also, the infrastructure available in Yadgir town was adequate to accommodate 70-odd government departments that would have had to compulsorily be set up.

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa seems to have kept his promise to the people, on the creation of a Yadgir district. During his second Cabinet meeting held in Gulbarga in August this year, he formally declared that the Government planned to bifurcate Gulbarga district, but, however, the inauguration ceremony was postponed due to the floods.


Initially, the new district was supposed to comprise Jewargi and Sedam taluks too, but the people’s opposition to their inclusion forced the Government to give up the move.

Meanwhile, the new district administration of Yadgir has made all arrangements for the smooth conduct of official work in all government offices from Wednesday. While 53 of the 70 departments will start functioning from government buildings, 17 will be housed in rented premises.

Deputy Commissioner K.G. Jagadeesh on Tuesday chaired a preparatory meeting with senior officials on what needed to be done next. There will not be any formal inauguration of the new district on Wednesday, he added.