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Bangalore: “The use of hybrid electric vehicles for city transport, as well as in niche applications such as Common Wealth Games Village 2010, will have a considerable impact on the reduction of the number of vehicles in cities. The Government would like a trend towards mass transport, rather than personalised transport to the extent possible,” said R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India.

Mr. Chidambaram was speaking at the “Clean Air Summit – a roadmap towards Clean India” organised by Bosch India and GTZ India here on Wednesday.

Dr. Chidambaram said an increase in the demand for transportation services of both passengers and freight was inevitable given the high economic growth and the accompanying changes in lifestyles. Stating that clean air was a necessity on several counts, he said the per capita carbon dioxide emission of India was amongst the lowest in the world.

The per capital emission of the U.S., as per data given by the World Bank Environment Department, was 20.01 tonnes in 2007 while the same for India and China were 1.02 tonnes and 3.6 tonnes respectively.

He said the National Urban Transport Policy emphasised public transport facilities and non-motorised modes.


The Metro Rail Transportation System expansion in Delhi and other cities and mass transit systems were steps in its implementation.

“Efficient combustion is the key to fuel economy and emissions. The establishment of a Combustion Research Initiative was proposed during the 11th Plan, which has been accepted by the Planning Commission,” he added.

Regarding bio fuels, Dr. Chidambaram said the Government had already allowed ethanol blending up to 5 per cent in nine States and the limit was expected to be increased to 10 per cent.

The research and development had to be carried out on the combustion characteristics of motor engines for blending of higher content of ethanol in petrol.

“With the depletion of fossil fuels, leading to sharp increase in price of crude oil, bio fuels will be needed for transport. Bio fuel production has to be taken up without affecting food security,” he said.

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa said the increase in the number of vehicles not only increased the traffic congestion but also the pollution.

“We are working on traffic decongestion and this will help in reducing pollution as well. Traffic management is one of the priorities of the Government. I have directed the Bangalore police to come out with concrete measures in managing traffic,” he said.