Staff Reporter

Bangalore: Vehicular movement on the Outer Ring Road, from Silk Board Junction to Marathahalli, was affected for over four hours on Friday.

Chandra Shekhar, inspector, Audugodi Traffic police station, told The Hindu that the driver of a container lorry, which had a sticker ‘On Government of India duty’, had abandoned it in the middle of the road near Iblur junction.

“We were in a fix. The vehicle was left in the middle of the road and commuters were getting affected,” said Mr. Chandra Shekhar, adding that the police had to finally summon three cranes.

“One crane was used to drag the vehicle to the side of the road. Another was used to remove the BDA hoarding that was in the way, and our personnel stood on the other crane and were lifting the BESCOM lines that had been disconnected to make way,” he said.

“The driver was careless. He abandoned the vehicle in the middle of the road. The cleaner was there. However, communication was a problem as neither of us understood what the other was saying,” he added.