The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has come of age in Karnataka. Unlike the other political parties, which threw lavish parties for journalists and held press conferences at star hotels, all these years BSP held its press conferences only at the Press Club and treated the reporters to a cup of tea.

But in the past few weeks, the BSP has proved that it is as resourceful as any other party, at least in handling the media. When the BSP released the party’s manifesto at an upmarket hotel recently, a party worker remarked: “After a long time we have reached this height. We too are now holding a press conference in a posh hotel.” For the first time, the BSP leaders hosted a party for journalists at the same hotel some days ago.

In fact, journalists who went to Devanahalli on Monday to cover the election rally of BSP chief Mayawati were treated with a sumptuous meal at a restaurant. The scribes, who were nearly faint after sitting under the scorching sun at the rally, were consoled with a box of snacks and soft drinks.

Fruits of democracy

One comes across the usual refrain about the fruits of democracy not reaching the people. But come election and the fruits come tumbling from the basket. A veteran contesting from the C.V. Raman Nagar constituency doled out 250 sewing machines and saris for women and irons for some of the men in the area over the weekend. A crestfallen woman who missed out on the largesse as she was away at work in the nearby apartments told her employer the beneficiaries are scratching their heads over the connection between the saris and the irons.