Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Results of the polls to the State Assembly will have a bearing on the elections to the Lok Sabha in 2009, and should the BJP emerge victorious in the Assembly elections, it will project itself as having a pan-India presence, a dangerous development for the country, Sitaram Yechury, Polit Bureau member of the CPI (M), has said.

Speaking at a function organised by the party to release the “CPI (M) Appeal to Voters” here on Monday, Mr. Yechury said that “a pan-India status of the BJP will have a deunifying effect on the country, altering the policy and economic trajectories based on religious and communal issues.”

Mr. Yechury stated that the aim of the BJP was to create a “unipolar society” by destroying linguistic, religious, communal and cultural diversities, which the country had been cherishing for centuries. “This will create an implosion in the country which will delay our progress as well as divert our energies to crisis management and conflict resolution instead of achieving growth and progress,” he said.

He said at this juncture when Karnataka was known as a knowledge generator and harbinger of progress “voters cannot allow the fundamentalist parties to convert it into a second Gujarat.”

Stating that the divide between the “haves and the have-nots” was widening in the country, Mr. Yechury said there were clearly two Indias — the shining India and the suffering India. Mr. Yechury said that the rising inflation will further widen the gap between the rich and the poor. The most dangerous effect of rising prices would be food commodities going out of the reach of the poor people. Quoting the National Health Survey, Mr. Yechury said that 78 per cent of the women were anaemic and about 50 per cent of the children were suffering from malnutrition. He said the UPA Government had allowed 25 commodities to be subjected to forward trading and future trading, which had encouraged large-scale speculation. This system was alien to the Indian market, but due to the pressure from the CPI (M) and other Left parties, the Government had reduced the number of commodities to 22, by keeping out wheat, rice and pulses from the forward and future trading.

CPI (M) candidate for K.R. Puram constituency Gowramma and State secretary of the party V.J.K. Nair spoke.