H.S. Narasimha Kumar

Special software designed to track rise in sale

of liquor

DAVANGERE: There has been considerable increase in the sale of liquor from Karnataka State Beverages Ltd. (KSBL) here to liquor dealers in the district in the past few days. Several shops have lifted large quantities of liquor from KSBL, and the average increase ranges between 300 per cent and 795 per cent.

According to sources in the Government, a few shops in Chennagiri have lifted 300 per cent more liquor than in the previous months. Similarly, some liquor shops in Harihar have lifted up to 795 per cent more liquor than their usual requirements. In Davangere too, many shops have lifted up to 403 per cent more liquor. Increased sale of liquor has also been reported in Harpanahalli and Honnali. Deputy Commissioner M.B. Dyaberi has designed special software to track the spurt in sale of liquor from KSBL to wholesalers and retailers in the district. He said he had formed a special team comprising excise and election personnel from whom he would get the data verified. He said all measures had been taken to ensure that liquor was not brought into the district from elsewhere.