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There will be 2,133 polling booths

Periyapatna has the least number of 1,47,822 voters

Chamundeshwari continues to have the highest number

MYSORE: The district has 2.05 million voters according to the revised voters’ list published on March 29.

This follows intensive scrutiny of the list to rectify the anomalies and discrepancies.

As many as 2.016 lakh voters were removed from the list during the revision.

According to the new list, the total number of voters in the district, comprising 11 Assembly segments, is 20,54,361, of which 1,037628 are men.

There will be 2,133 polling booths in the district as against 1,965.

Draft list

The draft list is available on the district administration’s website which links to the Election Commission’s page.

Periyapatna constituency has the least number of 1,47,822 voters of whom 75,586 are men.

In Krishnarajanagar constituency, there are 1,77,770 voters of whom 88,399 are women.

In Hunsur, there are 1,86,574 voters of whom 91,230 are women.

In H.D. Kote, there are 1,83,546 voters of whom, 93,156 are men.

In Nanjangud, there are 1,70,981 voters of whom 87,300 are men. Chamundeshwari constituency continues to have the highest number of voters.

There are 2,21,136 voters in the of whom, 1,12,642 are men.

Prior to the delimitation exercise, Chamundeshwari constituency enjoyed the distinction of being the second biggest Assembly constituency in the State with 4,06,237 voters.

The number of voters in Krishnaraja constituency has increased to 2,01,817 from 1,02,826.

The number of voters in H.D. Kote, Nanjangud, Krishnaraja and T. Narsipura constituencies has increased after the delimitation exercise, while it has decreases in the other constituencies.

Varuna was carved out by merging parts of Chamundeshwari and Bannur, which has been dissolved, and has 1,88,717 voters.

Chamaraja constituency has 2,03,558 voters of whom 1,02,038 are men, while there are 1,99807 voters in Narasimharaja of whom 92,297 are women.

In T. Narsipura, there are 1,72,633 voters of whom 86,334 are women.

There are more number of women voters in Narasimharaja, T. Narsipura and Krishnaraja constituencies.

The electoral list has been revised following discrepancies in the earlier list and the number of voters was nearly 80 per cent of the total population of the area in many segments.


The degree of anomaly was more noticed in K.R. Nagar, T. Narsipur, Chamundeshwari, Chamaraja and Krishnaraja segments.

The first draft list had 21,50,950 voters, but the number came down to 20,54,361after the revision and delimitation exercise.