Staff Correspondent

Raichur: M.V. Murthy, Inspector General of Police (North-East), launched a blog (Intranet) at the office of the Superintendent of Police here on Saturday.

He said that the blog would help the media or the public to collect information pertaining to the Police Department, such as crime chart on every day base.

It was for first time in the country that the police department had launched the Intranet in Davangere. Such facility was available in Koppal and Bidar. Shortly, it would be launched in Gulbarga, he said.

Mr. Murthy said the introduction of Intranet facility in the Police Department would help in ensuring transparency in its administration in addition to monitoring the activity of police officials at all police stations in a particular jurisdiction. Such a system would prompt the police officials to be accountable.

He said all information in each police station would be updated daily before 9 a.m. People could access the Raichur district police blog at www.raichurpolice.blogspot.

com. He said the people could mail their complaints directly at The Superintendent of Police would handle them, he added.

B.A. Padmanayana, Superintendent of Police, was present.