Special Correspondent

Number of polling stations up from 2,457 to 2,475

Gulbarga Rural has the highest number of stations

GULBARGA: The total number of voters in the 13 Assembly constituencies of Gulbarga district, according to the final list of voters released here on Saturday, is 2424207 of whom, 1214914 are men.

Surpur constituency, which has been reserved for the Scheduled Tribes, has the highest number of 219377 voters. Chincholi constituency, which has been reserved for the Scheduled Castes, has the lowest number of 154940 voters.

Official sources said that after redrawing of boundaries of the constituencies, the number of polling stations had gone up from 2,457 to 2,475. Gulbarga Rural constituency had the highest number of 232 polling booths, followed by 201 in Aland, 198 in Jewargi, 197 in Surpur, 195 in Afzalpur, 192 in Sedam, 186 each in Gulbarga South and Chincholi, 185 in Gurmitkal, 184 in Chitapur, 177 in Shahapur, 175 in Yadgir, and 167 in Gulbarga South.

The sources said that Afzalpur had 183458 voters, Jewargi 200935, Surpur 219377, Shahapur 17388, Yadgir 171049, Gurmitkal 176170, Chitapur 184284, Sedam 171036, Chincholi 154940, Gulbarga Rural 213164, Gulbarga South 202673, Gulbarga North 188298, and Aland 184935.