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Bangalore: A first year Pre-University Course student attempted suicide by consuming poison on Tuesday as she was denied examination hall ticket by the college authorities as she was short of attendance.

The police gave her name as Sophia (19), a PUC (Commerce) student of Baldwin Women’s Methodist College on Richmond Road. She was the daughter of Seetharam, a private security guard and resident of Ejipura. Sophia was recovering at a private hospital and she was out of danger, the police said.

After returning home from the college on Tuesday evening, Sophia started vomiting and she convulsed. She reportedly told her parents that she consumed some poison while at the college as she was upset over the authorities refusing to issue her hall ticket, the police said.

According to Lydia Samuel, principal of Baldwin Women’s Methodist College, Sophia’s parents had been informed about their daughter’s attendance shortage. She said even notices had been sent to the parents, along with the results of the unit tests and mid-term examinations. “The Department of Pre-University Education has certain rules with regard to attendance and all colleges are expected to adhere to them. We follow them strictly. In fact, we inform the parents of the rules at the time of admission,” Ms. Samuel told The Hindu on Wednesday. Ms. Samuel said that Sophia, out of six subjects, had attendance shortage in four – English, French, History and Business Studies. “We cannot force a student to attend classes. It is sad that she chose to take the extreme step and blame the college,” she said.

The principal said attendance shortage might not have been the only reason behind Sophia’s decision.

“Her parents met me a few days ago and requested me if something could be done. They may have been a little firm with her after they got to the severity of the situation.”

“If such a thing had happened in the college, someone would have surely brought it to our notice,” she added.