Special Correspondent

‘Praja Pranalike’ was released by Basavaraj Bommai

It’s claimed to be the first of its kind in country

Bangalore: The Karnataka Pragati Parishat, a progressive front headed by Basavaraj Bommai, MLC, launched a novel programme with the release of “Praja Pranalike” (people’s manifesto), which has posed a set of questions on various development related issues from the people’s point of view.

Releasing the book here on Thursday, Mr. Bommai said the objective of the parishat was to explore the means and methods to bring in drastic changes in the affairs of the State and ensure development with commitment and conviction.

All political parties had cultivated the habit of presenting political manifestoes at the time of elections that were “full of false promises”.

Bereft of vision and commitment to public welfare, such manifestoes were loaded with populist promises. For a majority of political parties the public was considered a “vote-generating machine.” The parishat is presenting “Praja Pranalike” for perusal of political parties in the hope that it would spur introspection among those concerned and help in establishing a political milieu that could reflect the aspirations of the people of the State. It had studied the development challenges before the State from historical, geographical, political, technological and human points of view, presenting facts in a questionnaire format. “Praja Pranalike” was the first of its kind in the country, he said.