Bageshree S.

He recommends annulment of appointments of lecturers, readers and professors

‘The Board of Appointment misled the Syndicate’

Serious lapses in procedures in holding

Syndicate meeting

Bangalore: The controversy surrounding large-scale irregularities in appointments to the University of Mysore has taken a more serious turn with the Registrar (Evaluation) submitting a note to the Vice-Chancellor recommending annulment of all appointments of lecturers, readers and professors made during 2007 “to redeem the prestige” of the university.

Submitted on January 7 by Registrar A.B. Ibrahim, the note has listed irregularities that include procedural lapses in notifying recruitments, flouting of reservation norms, recruitment of unqualified persons in violation of University Grants Commission (UGC) norms, and misleading the University Syndicate.

Among the more glaring misdeeds the note lists is what the Registrar calls the “farce” of appointing a person to the post of professor, biotechnology, even though his application form did not have a marks card copy attached. He notes that the Board of Appointment “misled” the Syndicate by attaching the prefix “Dr.” to the names of several candidates who did not hold doctoral degrees.

The note goes on to cite the case of a person not only being appointed to the Department of Studies in Physics without possessing any permanent teaching experience, but also being given three promotions within three months in a row to become a professor. This, the note says, is “the first of its kind for any university in the country.”

Also recorded are cases of several qualified in one stream but getting appointed as lecturers and professors in entirely different streams.

All these appointments have been at the cost of qualified and experienced people being ignored for the same posts.

The report mentions many cases in which “the Board of Appointments has ignored the reservations for employments according to Article 16 (4) of the Constitution and New Creamy Layer Policy orders for Other Backward Classes (OBC) candidates.”


The note says that there were serious lapses in procedures in holding the Syndicate meeting with the agenda being placed after the commencement of the meeting. The norm stipulates that the agenda should be placed at least seven days in advance, and before the starting of the meeting even in “emergency” situations. Mr. Ibrahim recalls in the note that appointment of 67 lecturers in State Women’s University in Bijapur was annulled because agenda was served late.

The Registrar has requested the Vice-Chancellor to place the subject of recruitment irregularities before the Syndicate and initiate action to terminate recruitments made during 2007.

Subsequently, the university Syndicate met on January 9 and resolved to admit in-principle to the lapses committed during the recruitment, but did not make any recommendation either for continuing or annulling the appointment of the teaching staff.

Responding to this resolution, Mr. Ibrahim wrote in a note again to the Vice-Chancellor on January 10 saying that a meeting should be held again to discuss the matter since it is of serious consequences.

It may be mentioned here that Jnanpith award-winning writer U.R. Ananthamurthy, who studied and taught in the university, recently said that allegations of irregularities in the university had disturbed him and that he would meet the Governor and request him to take steps to “save the image of the university.”