Staff Correspondent

Villages hit by floods last year will be shifted permanently

Residents have agreed to shifting of the villages

Rs. 29.66 crore for infrastructure development

HUBLI: The Gadag district administration has submitted a proposal of Rs. 48.58 crore for rehabilitation of people displaced by floods in the district and permanent shifting of some of the villages that were affected by floods.

In a release issued here on Tuesday, Deputy Commissioner of Gadag Mohammed Mohsin said that residents of the affected villages had given their consent for shifting the villages permanently and approved resolutions in the “gram sabhas”. Mr. Mohsin said that that during the floods in September last, Holemannur, Gadagoli, Amaragol, Kuruvinakoppa, Menasagi, Hole Hadagali, B.S. Beleri and Basarkod villages in Ron taluk; and Kurlageri, Budihala and Lakhamapur villages in Nargund taluk were inundated. Subsequently it was decided that these villages should be permanently shifted. After the villagers gave their consent, steps were taken to identify land for shifting of the villages, he said.

Mr. Mohsin said that of the Rs. 48.58 crore, Rs. 10.2 crore was for purchase of land and development, Rs. 29.66 crore for infrastructure development works such as construction of roads, bridges and toilets; and providing drinking water supply, power supply, school buildings and community halls. A sum of Rs. 8.72 crore of this was for building houses for the displaced people who were below poverty line, he added.

He said that in villages such as Kurlageri, Menasagi, Holemannur and Gadagoli some land owners had come forward to sell the land to the Government at the market price. In villages where it was found necessary steps would be taken to acquire suitable land for shifting of the villages, Mr. Mohsin said.