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Yadava community students’ hostel inaugurated

‘Economically backward upper castes should not be given separate reservation’

Chitradurga: The former Member of Parliament P. Kondandaramaiah has urged the Union and State Governments not to succumb to any political pressure with regard to providing reservation facilities to any community and strictly follow the criteria laid out in the Constitution.

Speaking after inaugurating a Yadava community students’ hostel building here on Monday, he said several political parties, with the intention of garnering votes, were giving in to reservation demands of various communities.

Criticising the recent statement of Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on giving reservation facilities to the economically backward upper castes, Mr. Kondandaramaiah said that as per the Constitution, they deserved free education but not separate reservation.

He felt that the Yadava (Golla) community could be included in the Scheduled Tribe category, if the elected representatives were to pass a resolution to that effect and submit it to the Union Government for approval.

Wholesome development

The former MP claimed that he had presented his views before Parliament several times during his tenure. Referring to the backwardness of the community, he appealed to the people to give prominence to education to ensure wholesome development. “Instead of spending money on constructing temples, utilise the amount for constructing schools, hospitals and hostels, which would be more meaningful,” he said.

He promised support for the construction of a separate hostel for girls of the community. In his address, the former Rajya Sabha member A. Lakshmisagar, who had given financial assistance towards the construction of the hostel, expressed regret that the community was still backward owing to illiteracy.


Emphasising the importance of education, he said literacy would help create awareness on the rights they enjoyed, with which the people could seek representation in various social, economical and political spheres.