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It costs Rs. 9,000; he seeks assistance for large-scale production

It is cost-effective compared to petrol-operated machines

Mr. Basavaraj has also manufactured an alarm bell to help save water

DAVANGERE: B.R. Basavaraj, a progressive farmer, has developed an electronic weed removing machine. It can remove weed on two acres of land in a day. The machine is fitted with a powerful light weight motor which runs at 10,000 rpm. Mr. Basavaraj had thought of developing the machine after facing difficulty in removing the weeds.

The machine is a result of his one year hard work. Explaining its functions, Mr. Basavaraj said machine used one unit of electricity per hour of operation. It was cost-effective compared to petrol-operated machines developed abroad.

Machines that run on petrol require one litre of petrol for every hour of operation, he said. The machine could be used for chopping and uniform fencing of gardens. Mr. Basavaraj said the machine was shock-proof as it was made of fibrous material. A speed-controlling unit was attached in the machine and farmers could operate it at desired speed-levels. It was fitted with a 100-metre cable wire and different kinds of steel blades to remove small weeds. It has the grinding facility to sharpen the blades and other agriculture implements. He said he had spent Rs. 8,500 to develop the machine and hence he had fixed its price at Rs. 9,000. Many farmers of Shamanur and other villages, who accompanied Mr. Basavaraj to the fields where he demonstrated its functions, had bought it, he said. Mr. Basavaraj had also designed an alarm bell for overhead tanks a few days ago. As and when the overhead tank gets filled up, it would set off the alarm.

He had developed an induction needle to help control the spread of mite disease in coconut gardens.

When The Hindu contacted senior officials of the Horticulture and Agriculture departments, they said the machine was unique and highly beneficial for farmers. Those intending to buy the machine can call 9916277746.