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Authorities should keep tab on power consumption through an energy audit system Call to keep tab on power consumption through an energy audit system

StatementsThermal power plants are being opposed by environmentalists because of its fly-ash problemCountry cannot bank too much on wind and tidal power generationSolar energy is the most reliable form of energy

HASSAN: The problem of shortage of power can be addressed only by curtailing transmission loss and through an efficient energy audit, G.R. Nagabhushana, former chairman, High Voltage Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, has said.

He was delivering the keynote address at a seminar on "role of energy conservation and energy audit in the present scenario and the solar energy" organised by Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL) here on Tuesday.

It was reported that transmission loss was to the tune of 30 per cent and it was unpardonable, he said. It was the responsibility of the authorities concerned to keep a watch on the energy utilised with an efficient energy audit system.

He said that, despite the efforts of agencies concerned to generate energy from other sources, none of them was as safe as hydro-electrical energy. Thermal power plants were facing opposition from environmentalists, because of its fly-ash problem. The installation of electro-static-precipitators had not helped in containing its impact and the 7000 tonnes of fly-ash produced by a plant a day was causing health problem to the people in surrounding areas. In France, where 60 per cent of the power needs were met through nuclear energy, people lived in fear of radioactivity.

Pointing at the saturation of hydel resources in the country, he said, "Except for Brahmaputra valley, we have exhausted all hydel resources. Though the valley had the capacity to generate 30,000 MW of energy, it was not possible to meet the present demand of 1,20,000 MW." He also indicated that wind and tidal generation would not help as the country's capacity in wind power generation was limited and tidal power was insufficient.

Preferring solar energy over other forms of energy, he said it was the most reliable source of energy as it was the long-term energy source. It was pollution-free, cost-effective and available everywhere.

Prof. Sathyanarayana, vice-principal, Malnad Engineering College, pointing at the opposition to Tadari power plant, said that people on the one hand wanted power supply and on the other opposed setting up of power plants.

Presiding over the function, M.G. Venkatesha Murthy, principal, Malnad College of Engineering noted, "Energy conservation is as important as generation." It was imperative for teachers and parents to educate children on the importance of saving energy, which was being wasted in workplaces and houses.

Energy park to be set up

He said that Malnad Engineering College was planning to set up an Energy Park in 25 guntas of land and earmarked Rs. 4 lakh for the purpose.Vishnu Chinagundi, assistant general manger, KREDL, welcomed the gathering and D.K. Dinesh Kumar, proposed a vote of thanks.