Arnold Schwarzenegger is back!

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NO WIMP:Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, botoxed, and firing on all cylinders.
NO WIMP:Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, botoxed, and firing on all cylinders.

The Last Stand (English)

Starring : Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Luis Guzmán, Jaimie Alexander, Eduardo Noriega

Director: Kim Ji-woon

It is the awards season and on one screen you have Les Miserables , with its gazillion awards and nominations, and on the other you have — no, not Nicholas Cage but Arnold Schwarzenegger! He is back, botoxed, and firing all cylinders.

In this formulaic action film, Schwarzenegger plays Ray Owens, the sheriff of the sleepy border town of Sommerton. Owens was a hotshot narcotics cop in the LAPD, who quit after a job went bad and his partner was crippled.

When a dangerous drug lord Gabriel Cortez, escapes as he is being transported by the FBI and heads straight for Sommerton in a souped up car, it is time for Owens to make the last stand. Raiding guns from the gun museum, he and his ragtag team of eccentrics which includes comely girl and Iraq veteran with a problem with authority, show wimpy Cortez who is the boss.

The movie follows the trajectory of a bullet with loving detail ending in spraying blood and brains. There is mandatory heavy metal sound track and car chases. No one needs to act, all they need to do is look cool and casually handle mean-looking firearms. Leading the pack is of course Schwarzenegger. Eduardo Noriega as Cortez makes for a close second with his sharp suit and sharper car —“psychopath in a batmobile” is an apt description.

There is Forest Whitaker as FBI agent John Bannister trying to lend a modicum of gravitas to the proceedings. If you are a diehard Arnie fan or are overwhelmed by Hugh Jackman singing in Les Miserables , The Last Stand might be just what the doctor ordered.





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