Checking your breasts for lumps or other abnormalities only takes as long as it does to do your nails. To guide you on how to do a self-examination, a private cancer care hospital has come out with a free cellphone application.

Launched by the HCG cancer care network on the occasion of World Cancer Day, the app, called HCG BCA, explains various self-examination techniques, facts on breast cancer and frequently asked questions on the disease. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android phones and from the iStore for iPhones.

HCG chairperson B.S. Ajaikumar said the hospital would create free apps with information on all cancers.

“Technology has been playing an important part in communication. This initiative will help many women get educated on breast cancer, the incidence of which is rising at an alarming rate (one in 22 women).

“The idea behind launching this app is to help women identify early signs and symptoms of the disease and beat it,” he said.

Kannada actor Ragini Dwivedi said the app was a boon for women.

Doctor-turned-IAS officer Keerti Tiwari, who is the Principal Director of Audit in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, narrated her experience of having detected a lump in her breasts.

“Breast cancer is most often discovered by women themselves. Although doctors say self-examination is best to detect abnormalities, most of us don’t know how to go about it. In this context, this app is a useful tool,” she said.