A tiger was found dead in the Veeranahosahalli range of Nagarahole National Park on Monday.

The authorities have ruled out foul play.

The carcass of the tiger was found within a kilometre from the Sollepura anti-poaching camp. The forest guards suspected something amiss when they sniffed an overpowering stench in the vicinity.

On a closer examination, they stumbled upon the carcass of a male tiger suspected to be about 10-12 years old. They said the tiger must have died four or five days ago of natural causes or due to injuries sustained in a territorial fight with a dominant male in the zone. There were abrasion and injury marks on the right shoulder and stomach and officials ruled out the handiwork of the poachers as all the body parts including the claws were intact.

This is the fourth tiger being reported from Nagarahole in the last 45 days of which two had died of natural causes while two were found to be poisoned.