One life is lost in a road accident every day on an average

Protests by local people have

gone in vain

Karwar: The rising number of accidents between Ankola and Yellapur on National Highway 17 in Uttara Kannada district is causing concern.

The iron ore lorries were involved in 95 per cent of the accidents in the area, according to the police sources.

On an average, one life lost in a road accident on this stretch every day. Most of the victims were two-wheeler riders or those travelling by cars and jeeps.

On an average, 3,000 iron ore lorries passed through the national highway every day. The lorry drivers violated the road safety rules with impunity. The Arabail ghat, which is about 12-km long has turned out to be a major accident zone. In most cases, the drivers could not see the vehicles coming in the opposite direction because of the hairpin bends, said a police officer.

When contacted, Uttara Kannada Superintendent of Police Raman Gupta said the department was planning to shift the ambulance from Hiregutti police outpost to Sunkasal police outpost, which was just bellow the Arabail ghat.

People living in the villages along the NH 17 want the police to restrict the movement of iron ore lorries.

An accident invariably caused traffic pile up on both sides of the highway. Precious time was lost in shifting the injured as the ambulances and police vehicles are caught in this jam. The local people had organised “rasta roko” and protests on a number of occasions, but to no avail.

S.R. Nayak, chairman of the State Human Rights Commission, on his visit to Karwar on Monday warned the authorities of dire consequences if they failed to control the menace of iron ore lorries in the district.