Staff Correspondent

Action was based on High Court's orders

Security was tight near the temple

HASSAN: The district administration on Sunday successfully thwarted an animal sacrifice attempt during the jathra of Masamallamma in Rudrapattana in Arkalgud taluk.

The Akhila Karnataka Prani Daya Sangha approached the Karnataka High Court through a writ petition and stated that every year animals were being sacrificed during the jathra and appealed the court to direct the district administration to ban animal sacrifice. The court accordingly directed the administration to follow the Animal Sacrifice Prohibition Act 1959 and the Karnataka Animal Sacrifice Prohibition Act 1963 and take action against violators.


Following these orders, Deputy Commissioner Naveen Raj Singh stalled a sacrifice, and directed devotees not to violate High Court orders. He warned people of severe action if such practices were carried out.

Police deployment

Over 600 police personnel were posted near the temple to prevent animal sacrifice. The police also took possession of three buffaloes kept in the village for sacrifice. Over 40,000 devotees visited the temple on both days.