No outbreak of major disease such as anthrax and rinderpest has been reported among cattle in the district in recent years, except a few cases of foot and mouth (F&M), according to information gathered here on Sunday.

Rinderpest has been wiped out in the whole country, including Kodagu, said Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences K.C. Krishnamurthy.

A few cases of F and M were tackled successfully at Hudgur, Gonimarur, Shirangala areas of Somwarpet taluk last year. Administration of vaccines to prevent the disease had helped in tackling the disease, Dr. Krishnamurthy said.

Anthrax was detected in certain areas of Somwarpet taluk in 2005, including some people, and no case was reported afterwards.

The population of the local breed cattle in the district, as per the 2007 census, had come down from 94,058 to 85,136. There were 30,229 cattle in Madikeri taluk, 32,805 in Somwarpet taluk and 22,102 in Virajpet taluk as per the 2007 census as against 32,219, 36,174 and 25,665 in the three taluks respectively during the 2003 census. The figures in Madikeri and Somwarpet taluks showed an increase while that of Virajpet taluk showed a decline.

But the population of mixed breed showed an increase from 22,432 during 2003 to 32,367 in 2007. The census of 2011 was expected soon. Dr. Krishnamurthy said that artificial insemination methods would be taken up on a large scale to boost the mixed breed variety in the district. The State Government had planned to take up a special project concerning this. As far as buffalos were concerned, their population was down to 26,769 in 2007 compared to 31,616 in 2003.

There were 416 sheep (712 in 2007) and 4,472 goats (7,206 in 2007) in the district in 2003. The population of all types of animals in the district, excluding poultry, was up by a small number. It was 2,41,632 in 2003 and 2,43,487 in 2007.

  • Population of dogs up in the absence of ABC measures
  • No case of anthrax reported after 2005