Prince (Kannada)

Cast: Darshan, Nikhita

Director: Omprakash Rao

Prince is a wholesome entertainer and a befitting Ugadi gift for Darshan fans. It is a good package of sentiment, comedy, action and rhythmic' songs, which are quintessential for commercial success.

Director Omprakash Rao claims the story is by Dennisa Prakash. However, those who have watched the Telugu blockbuster Shock, which approached the old revenge story with difference, will be, well, shocked as the similarities — including the storyline — cannot be coincidental. Nevertheless, Rao has made all efforts to entertain with adrenalin-infused action scenes, punchy dialogues and two peppy numbers that suit Darshan's persona.

The revenge story that revolves around the hero, Vishnu, killing three top trigger-happy cops for framing him as a terrorist and killing his pregnant wife. The first half panders to family crowds and the second is action-driven.

Vishnu, an ad professional, meets Anjali (Nikhita) and, as usual, they fall in love and marry. He then becomes the victim of mistaken identity and three encounter specialists (Avinash, Shobhraj and Aadi Lokesh) shoot him and frame him as a terrorist informer. The rest of the story is all about how Vishnu takes his revenge. After death of Anjali, the film loses its steam.

Music composer V. Harikrishna helps boost Darshan's image. Veenus Murthy gives his best shot as cameraman. Darshan does a decent job and his good looks meet his fan's expectations. Nikhita is a perfect choice.