Special Correspondent

SHIMOGA: “Manushya Jaati Taanonde Valam”, an audiovisual programme based on light and sound technique, presented by the Department of Information at the Nehru Stadium here on Saturday evening provided an insight into caste system, right from its origin and its emergence as a social problem.

The programme depicted the evolution of caste discrimination, deportation of Gunadhya, a victim of caste discrimination, when he scripted a story on the ordeal of a Madiga, an untouchable, when he sought to marry a woman from an upper caste. It depicted the efforts by Buddha, Basaveshwara, Gandhiji and Ambedkar to eradicate caste system. An attempt to display the richness of Indian culture through dance and music evoked a positive response. Deputy Director of the department Lakshminarayana and District Information Officer Devarajaiah were present.