Gurukula (Kannada)

Cast: Srinivasa Prabhu, Master Sachin, Master Samir, Master Saurabh and Ranjita Suryavamshi

Director: Suneel Puranik

Set in an earlier time, the children's film Gurukula sends a strong message on a range of social issues such as the importance of education, the environment and morality.

Drawn from episodes in the Upanishads and the Mahabharata, the plot concentrates on the upbringing of children and the role of the teacher in instilling moral and intellectual discipline in them.

The film narrates the escapades of three intelligent but self-centred children — the glutton Upamanyu; the strategist Veda; and the ruthless Aruni (who later becomes the great sage Uddhalaka) — in the process of their quest for knowledge, and their teacher Dhoumya Maharishi's response.

While the undertones that make the film relevant to the present and the visuals may not make much of an impact from the parents' point of view, but children will find the comic situations enjoyable.

Holds interest

Although some of the scenes look drab and the topics referred to in the interaction between the Guru and Shishyas are contrived, the message on the essence of learning, and the light comedy, help sustain audience interest.