Young men from Lucknow have set up successful juice businesses in Gulbarga

A group of young men here has proved that hard work, a bit of entrepreneurship, and a will to make the best of the situation is what it takes to make a decent living.

These men, from far-away Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, have moved to Gulbarga and are doing well in the fruit juice business. Their juice carts help them earn a minimum of Rs. 500 a day.

They have little or no educational background.

Many of them have invested around Rs. 6,000 in a push cart and hand-operated heavy duty juicer fixed to the cart. Added to this are a few plastic chairs and a big plastic umbrella to provide customers some shade.

From the slums

Living in fear that the city corporation authorities would prevent them from doing business, many of the youth refused to divulge their names and details when contacted by The Hindu.

Islam and Hanif, who are from the dirty slums of Lucknow, said they were illiterates who worked as construction workers before they decided to look for greener pastures. “Coming to Gulbarga was an accident. We first went to Mumbai from Lucknow, and decided to move to Gulbarga based on the experience of some of our friends who had set up juice outlets here,” they said.

“We are happy. At least we earn around Rs. 500 a day and also save some money for our families back in Lucknow,” the men added.

The juice vendors purchase sweet lime from wholesale merchants and distribute the fruits among themselves. “This saves us a lot of money,” they explained.

The juice carts are popular among the people here, especially during summer.

A glass of sweet lime juice costs Rs. 15. “We were forced to increase the price to Rs. 15 from Rs. 10 because of the increase in the price of sweet lime,” said Mr. Islam.

They also serve orange and pineapple juice when these fruits are in season.

  • They have invested in a push cart and juicer
  • ‘We earn Rs. 500 a day and also save money for our families'